When Gloom Turns to Brightness


Today was different.

so different from the day before.

The day was bright,

the cold sun shone –

for a change, I felt like smiling.

My cat Sid was lying in a patch of sun,

it’s his way of having fun.

The room was full of color,

shadows of bare tree branches,

upon the wall,

the gloomiest corners,

all lit up and so bright.

It was different today,

so different than it had been before.

Wintertime 072

Today I didn’t mind,

looking out my window.

Sid laying in what he must think,

is a window display –

toasting in the rays of the sun.

The frosty snow all aglitter,

the icicles dripping drop by drop.

Winter birds on the wing,

swinging from branches still bare.

Today was different,

so different than the days before,

must capture this in my mind,

before the days become,

dark and dreary –

making me all teary.

Sadness toward the evening,

watching the sun go down,

sure hope it comes back soon.


Sid quote: In the winter take the time to embrace the sunny days given you.