Summertime Memories

Wintertime 069

In the winter,

by the window, I sit and ponder,

so much to remember,

as the summer has flown by.

Remembering my days,

of wandering in the garden,

where on hot summer days,

in the shade, I would lie.

Trilling with the songbirds,

as upon the tree branches, they   swing,

climbing trees,

enjoying the summer breeze.

Autumn came suddenly,

surprising me,

rainy days that ended outside vigils,

now soon another winter will be here,

I will sit by the window,

remembering pleasantly,

days of sunshine and warmth,

as the snowflakes dance by.

Wintertime 078

Sid quote: In the wintertime it is pleasant to sit by the window, looking out at the snow and warming the heart with summertime memories.


New Friends

Snow Blob 010

Just met my neighbor from downstairs. She is a beautiful and quiet kitten named Oreo. My mama invites her to come to visit from time to time. As long as she knows I am the master of the house then it is no problem. In the first photo you see how beautiful she is and in the second you get two for one when my Mama caught her in the mirror.

Oreo 006

Oreo 005

Sid quote: When making new friends always be polite and let them know that they are welcome as long as they follow the rules of the house.