Dreaming Dreams

Spring 2017 032

All through the winter,

I have been dreaming dreams –

of a blossoming spring.

On soft pussy paws,

I padded through the snow,

came the melting streams,

mama hated my muddy paws.

Now a sunny spring,

has danced into the garden,

I am as happy as can be,

still dreaming dreams –

waiting for the first songbirds to sing.

 Dreamy Sid 002

Sid quote: Always hold tight to your best dreams.


Happy Birthday Sid

New Sid 001

Happy Birthday my love,

turned out you were Irish,

your birthday I really don’t know –

but you came out of hiding on St. Patrick’s Day.

Must be why your fur is gray, not black,

your eyes a shining green,

you are my little love my cat Sid –

many more happy years of loving you.

New Sid 004

Sid quote: When they start to get all mushy on you, just step lively and do an Irish jig!