Riga Zoo Animals

Sid and Ferns 009

Hello it’s me again, Sid. Thought you might like to see some pictures of the animals at the Riga Zoo here in Latvia. Now I personally would not like to live in the zoo but they do have comfortable and natural environments and the best thing plenty of food.

Zootime 012.JPG

Zootime 013.JPG

Zootime 016

Zootime 018.JPG

Zootime 024.JPG

Zootime 028.JPG

Zootime 033.JPG

Zootime 046.JPG

And of course there are also many more animals and birds that make there home at the zoo. Hope you enjoyed these pictures.


Guest Star: My name is Sid and I am adopted

Sid is busy deciding what to post next. In the meantime you can read about him on the Katzenworld site.

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Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Rasma and her companion Sid

My name is Sid and I am adopted. Life sure was lousy for the first three years of my life. My bad memories have all but faded. The awful people I had to live with decided I really wasn’t worth their time of day. I kept myself scarce but when I was hungry at least they gave me some food. If I got too friendly or curious I was mistreated. Hey, who knew that there were people like that out there? Then to add insult to injury they threw me out. All I remember about this time was sitting on the side of the street feeling the need to beg for food and shelter. Finally some people came and whisked me away. The next thing I knew I was being checked over by a man in a white coat but…

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Oliver & Nubia: A new playground!

Looks like a lot of fun

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Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here. 😀 Our humans received this interesting building set called Blocks the other week!


Oliver: Apparently it’s super easy to build. (Unless you have a pet human that is trying to over-complicate things!!!!)


Oliver: It came all flat packed and with easy instructions. I still wish they had build me the castle on the right…

Nubia: You mean US.

Oliver: Anyhow they eventually built it and we got this amazing tower bridge with loads of hidey holes. 😀


Oliver: I shall call this bridge the Royal Oliver crossing

Nubia: Queen Nubia Jubilee bridge!!!!

Oliver: No…


Oliver: What are you doing down there??? Digging a well? o.o

Nubia: *Crunch crunch*

Oliver: Crunch crunch? YOU found food!!!

Nubia: Maybe. 😀


Nubia: Look it was down there all the time. 😀

Oliver: *Grumbles*


Oliver: Right I had some too now. 😀


Nubia: It’s time for a nap… But I’ll…

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 82)

Get ready for a feeling that is puuurrrfectly divine

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Hello everyone,

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The easiest way to join TRT is by sending us photos to info@katzenworld.co.uk. Or just leave a comment with the link to the post / photo you’d like us to use.


This cute tummy has been sent in by one of our Twitter friends! 😀


Meet Beauregard who is one of our Facebook friends. He even has his own page!


Meet Alfie! His dad runs a personal finance Blog and has great tips on getting a cat and keeping costs down!


Another great fluffy tummy sent in from one of our Twitter friends. 😀


Milú is back for another fun filled TRT. More of her on her own Blog


Can you entice Guava…

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