A Hard Day’s Night

Lilacs and Tulips 009

This is what Sid looked like after an extremely tough day. In the morning he made his rounds in the garden. Then had a hearty breakfast and played run along the fence with the neighbor dog Arno, who lives directly opposite.

Assorted Pics 003

Sang with the birds on the wire.


Worried a bit about the gray sky thinking rain was coming but the sun came out again.

Springtime 2014 035

A crow came and taunted him to play, who can reach the top of the tree. Sid got up pretty high, like he always does but then that darn crow just let out some caws and flew away. Sid got down, had a hearty dinner and dragged himself off to bed. The picture above shows a very tired cat after a very happy and full day.


While the Lilacs Still Bloom

More Pics 002

Just checking in. It was another one of those indecisive days. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Then I got a whiff of the lilacs growing in our garden. I knew that it was time to head on up to the top window sill just to lie in the breeze and get a good sniff of those lilacs while they’re still in bloom.

more 002

Do you see those lilacs behind me?

more 003

Well it’s time for a nap. Until next time have a great day.



Song Birds

Summer Clouds 037

Really, I really do enjoy listening to those song birds in the spring and summer. Sometimes they do interrupt my sleep but hey, it’s alright.

A chirp, chirp, chirp

and a cheep, cheep, cheep

in my apple tree this morning

just as the day was dawning


my cat Sid

sat on the windowsill

enjoying the bird chorus

wanting to join in


such a lovely day

golden sun all around

nature starting to awaken

soon the spring will be here


with the spring come the rains

that wash the winter away

they stay for awhile

until the first flowers appear


then the skies are mostly blue

white clouds floating by

the days so warm and inviting

it is such a wonderful time of year


the song birds come each morning

with their lovely songs

making the beginning of the day

start with many smiles


Strawberry Banke Museum (Portsmouth, NH)

New England Nomad

Date Visited: April 23, 2016

Location: 14 Hancock St, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Cost: $20 for adults, $10 for youths (5-17), kids under 5 get in for free according to the May – October price list (these prices may vary depending on the season because it costs us $20 for two adult tickets when I went in April)

Hours: Open 365 days a year from 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Parking: Free parking is available but it does fill up fast.  There is also parking available throughout the city.  There is free parking at Four Tree Island a block away on Mechanic Street and limited off street parking is available.  Just make sure to pay your meters and not overstay your parking limit as parking restrictions are strictly enforced.

Strawberry Banke

Strawberry Banke is a 12 acre outdoor history museum.  The houses are constructed in the same style and out of…

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My Neighbor Toro

Heavy Metal 011.JPG

There I was just minding my own business. I was wondering if I should go find a lazy place to sunbathe or to help papa with the mowing.

Heavy Metal 008.JPG

Suddenly Toro , my neighbor, the Rottweiler, came to the fence to have a chat.


Then as I was looking about for a nice sunny spot along came a cawing crow….

Garden Birdies 001

It landed on the garage roof demanding more chow. Finally I was able to find a private spot under a lilac bush for a nice deserving rest.