Midsummer’s Solstice


Yesterday started the traditional Midsummer’s Solstice celebrations in Latvia. I knew the best thing for me was to get a good sleep so I could stay up late to party. My mama and papa were grilling and spent a lot of time outdoors. I participated just so I could get some good stuff to eat and enjoy the cooler evening air.

Party 003Party 015

Sid quote: When the party is over find a favorite position and dream sweet dreams.

Sid Again 004


Best Of Days

Odd Things 002

The best of days begin by waking up in a favorite sleeping place.

Cupboard Sid 004

After breakfast enjoying some time in a favorite cupboard.

Sofa Sid 007

Taking some time to enjoy a snooze in the garden.

Full Moon Pics 013

Enjoying some time out in the garden among the ferns.

Sid Sleeping 001

And settling down again at night.

Sid quote: The best of days are always the ones when you can do all the things you love to do. 


Taking It Easy


Sofa Sid 011.JPG

Now that the days have become slow and lazy and the sun is shining bright I always look to find the most comfortable places to relax. Just recently papa pulled out an old sofa cushion from the garage and it is a great place to lay back at any time of the day.

Sofa Sid 007

When it gets dark I turn on my night lights.

Sofa Sid 001

Sid quote: Always take the time to find the most comfortable place to relax on a warm sunny day.


On Top Of the World

New Spring 001

I always sit upon a windowsill,

up on the second story,

from there I can see the world all around me

and then happy I can be.

What more does a cat need,

than to be able to be so very close,

to birds in flight across the skies,

fresh smelling pine trees,

always able to feel so free.

Sitting on top of my world,

I can see far and wide,

everything I see,

makes me glad –

to be living in my paradise.

When I climb on down,

to venture out into the garden,

it is always a joy for me,

to see the green ferns growing,

then all summer I can enjoy their shade

and hide beneath them –

until I’m ready once more to sit on top of my world.

Full Moon Pics 013

Sid quote: When you want to see nature in all of its beauty always make sure you have a great view from the very top.