Chihuahua Super Powers

Max is one smart chihuahua


Max, our pea-brain chihuahua, has been a member of our family for almost two months now. I wrote about Max in a earlier post and since then our friendship has grown significantly. Initially, I saw our friendship as one sided-being that I fed and loved the dog on a regularly basis. But over time, Max has returned the favor by teaching me a key life lesson-contentment. It is hard to be content in this world that always tells us we need “more.”  Max has a very simple life and for all intents and purposes seems quite happy. He is either in a complete state of relaxation on the couch or in a complete state of ecstasy while eating-especially when its tortilla chips. From my observations he never thinks about anything except what is happening right in the present moment. If he is on the couch, he owns that couch. If he…

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Roughhousing with Papa


In my world everything is just fine. When I want a little excitement I can rely on papa and we do, what I call, roughhousing. He throws me up into the air and I feel just like a bird in flight.


My heart beats so fast that for awhile I just enjoy sitting in papa’s lap.


Then I do some swinging from his arm.


Finally when all is said and done I just love to get into my box and hang out with my friends.