A Place in the Sun

Spring Garden 001.JPG

Some photos of me. These are the things I dream of that will soon be.

Spring Today 003.JPG

Sitting in the spring sunshine.

Summer 2012 036

Back in the saddle again on the fence.

This winter I discovered that if you have a warm place to sleep, enough food in your belly and plenty of love it’s not so bad really. Then once spring arrives you can once again become independent and the garden is always there waiting for me.

Summer 2012 077

Life will once again make me feel great and the grass always smells so sweet.

Occasionally inspiration strikes me so I leave you with a Sid quote:

Life is really worth living if you keep on believing and dreaming no matter if you are four footed or two.


Little Bit Irish


This first photo was taken of me when I was first adopted. As you can see I was happy to sit in the sunshine. Since at first I went into hiding and came out on St. Patrick’s Day my mama decided that would be my birthday so I guess there is a bit of Irish in me. Yesterday I spent my birthday playing in the spring rain out in the garden.

Another birthday come and gone for me,

how wonderful in the world to be.

Still can run and play,

waiting for the spring flowers,

to come in May.

Apple trees full of white blossoms,

behind them in the tree I can hide.

So happy and carefree,

age still doesn’t matter to me,

love to lie on windowsills,

more 002

when the lilacs bloom,

always finding a way to have fun,

in the spring and summer sun.

Cupboard Sid 004


Time to relax and take a nap among mama’s sweaters in the cupboard. Hope you all are having a great weekend.