The Joy of Mud


The white snow has gone,

leaving behind a muddy ground.

There I go,

running round and round,

while my furry paws,

pick up all the mud.

Inside I come,

just like mama said,

then she shakes her head

she tries to catch me,

yes, she does,

but I am faster and I lick my own paws,

before I lay down,

to sleep once more,

leaving mama with a frown.



Taking a Nap


Our snow is beginning to melt but with cold temperatures during the night there is ice about. I took a short run in the garden and slid on some of the ice. It was then that I realized it would be better to take an afternoon nap. So I got all comfortable.


Then I stretched out some.


Soon I felt that someone was nearby and of course mama just had to take some pics. Afterwards I could sleep undisturbed. Hope you have a great Sunday.


Winter Goes On


More snow and it is now difficult to get outside. I sort of dash out the door, take a turn on the path papa has shoveled and then hurry on back inside.



Outside the snow,

is piled way up high.

No longer up the trees,

can I fly.

So I am waiting so patiently,

for when the north winds,

stop blowing snowflakes about.

Then I can finally say,

that soon spring,

will be coming my way.


I am sort of bound and determined to hibernate through the rest of winter and come fully awake when I hear the first song birds start chirping outside the window.


Then I can get into my favorite spring and summer sleeping position on the windowsill with the warm breezes blowing about me and I can hear what is going on outside.