Merry Christmas with Oliver & Nubia

These cats were on Santa’s nice list


Hi everyone,

It’s me Nubia here! Today I’ve managed to sneak in prior to my brother to check out all of our lovely presents that we received as part of the Cat Blogosphere Secret Paws gift exchange!

But before we look at all our goodies we would like to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas Day!


Nubia: Look! A box full of toys arrived. 😀


Nubia: I wonder if all of this is for me…

Oliver: Simple… NO!!!! There is two of us!

Nubia: Fine… but I shall get first dips. 😀

Nubia: I really really love this tin shaped present…

Oliver: Yes we can tell that…

Nubia: I want to know what’s inside. 😀

Oliver: Geee Nubia you really are overdoing it with that one! 😮

Oliver: This one is for me. 😀

Nubia: All of our presents were wrapped so nicely! And to make sure my…

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