Guest Star: Mr. Bailey the Zen cat teaches Miss Mattie litter box wisdom

Get to know Mr. Bailey and Miss Mattie


Hello readers,

Mr. Bailey has been teaching Miss Mattie Zen warrior ways for over a year. She has been somewhat masterful at a few things and un-enlightened in others. If you have missed the previous tales you can find these here and here.

First off, Miss Mattie has learned the art of keeping her cat eye of intensity ready for the Tuna Tuesday morning stare. She also continues to master the cat weave around our legs as we walk down the hallway. I think she gives Mr. Bailey a high-five-paw when she gets us get off balance.

miss mattie paw popping ways

Her skills have improved as she is now a black belt in her white-tipped paw popping. She feels her paws should have been all black in concealment, but the white tips have their advantage. They are so quick; all you see is the lightening flash as they strike you down!


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